Knotfest Online PPV: We Got A Refund

While I wouldn’t call myself a “maggot,” I do like and appreciate Slipknot. When news broke a few weeks ago about their first annual Knotfest festival, a two-city, two-day event taking place this weekend, I was intrigued mostly because Lamb of God was on the bill. After LOG’s Randye Blythe was arrested in Prague on a bizarre murder charge, it looked like the show wouldn’t go on with the band. But Blythe finally made bail and LOG quickly confirmed that they would make the show after all.

Based on that news I plunked down $19.95, excitedly awaiting LOG’s first show since Blythe’s incarceration. (The rest of the lineup looked pretty good, too, with support from Deftones, Prong and Dethlok). So yesterday afternoon I logged on before the festival kicked off and watched four pretty self-serving videos about how seriously Slipknot approach their music and “culture,” love their misfit fans, fan testimonials, etc. But after poking around the site I learned much to my surprise that none of the other bands on the bill were part of the pay-per-view package.

Just to make sure I wasn’t overlooking something I connected with their provider’s tech support, and a guy named Steve confirmed the news that only Slipknot’s set was going to be broadcast.

I asked and immediately received a refund, but I hope that next time Slipknot will be a little clearer about what fans will actually see on their pay-per-view broadcast.

Darren Ressler