How was 2012 for you, Wes Borland?

Wes Borland did all the right things last year, touring and recording with Black Light Burns, working hard and playing even harder (see below!). Always one to push his creativity to new places and challenge himself as an artist, we checked in with the sober Borland to see what he he thought of 2012.

How was 2012 for you?
2012 was incredible. Got to tour three continents with two bands, released a new Black Light Burns album and made two BLB and two LB videos. I recorded and painted quite a bit.

Woke up early in Switzerland one day on the summer LB tour and helped the crew load in and set up because I was bored, then impulsively went with a few of the crew guys on a multi-train and gondola ride to the top of the Schilthorn and back before showtime.

[I also] rode a bike in Amsterdam.

Had a standoff with a grumpy big-horned ram while camping in Nevada. I had an axe. It was unnerving, but the ram and I both came out of the situation unharmed.

I didn’t really have any lowlights this year… it was pretty incredible the whole way through.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
I already quit smoking and drinking a few months ago! Please don’t let them take anything else away from me! I dunno…. make more art? Release more records? Keep truckin’? All of the above.

Darren Ressler