How was 2012 for you, Danko Jones?

Canadian rocker Danko Jones had a year filled with extreme highs and one crazy incident that nearly did him in. We checked in with Jones and got the lowdown on 2012.

How was 2012 for you?
2012 was a big year for our band. We put out our new album, Rock and Roll Is Black and Blue, released a documentary, Bring on the Mountain, and Too Much Trouble, the oral history book on our band by Stuart Berman, which came out on ECW Press too. We also toured toured and toured.

Refer to the above. 2011 was a year of transition, preparation and anticipation. This past year we saw the fruits of the labor of the last two years come to fruition. We also got to play with Turbonegro.

I suffered second degree burns on my face this past fall while on tour. After getting a clear bill from the hospital doctors, I was up onstage the next night despite feeling like my face was peeling off especially since I concurrently acquired bronchitis. No matter, the show must go on and now my face is actually better than it was before. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go through the process though.

Darren Ressler