Remembering Paco De Lucía

This morning I turned on BBC World News and saw Paco De Lucia’s face on the TV screen. “Oh, no!” was my knee-jerk response, mainly because Flamenco guitarists don’t really make the news these days. I unmuted the volume and… Continue Reading

Hell Froze Over: The Replacements Reunite After 22 Years For Festival Dates

Influential ’80s alt-rock band The Replacements (pictured above with late guitarist Bob Stinson) have reformed after 22 years to play Riot Fest in Toronto, Denver and Chicago, taking place in August and September. The story goes that the genesis of… Continue Reading

How was 2012 for you, Wes Borland?

Wes Borland did all the right things last year, touring and recording with Black Light Burns, working hard and playing even harder (see below!). Always one to push his creativity to new places and challenge himself as an artist, we… Continue Reading

How was 2012 for you, Danko Jones?

Canadian rocker Danko Jones had a year filled with extreme highs and one crazy incident that nearly did him in. We checked in with Jones and got the lowdown on 2012. How was 2012 for you? 2012 was a big… Continue Reading

How was 2012 for you, Wall?

2012 saw the release of WALL’s limited edition 7-inch single “Magagazine,” a dreamy little masterpiece if we’ve ever heard one. We checked in with the rising British singer-songwriter about the year that was. How was 2012 for you? 2012 was… Continue Reading