Max Cavalera Says New Cavalera Conspiracy Album Will Be Faster and Thrashier

Max Cavalera has issued a statement regarding the progress of Cavalera Conspiracy’s new album due in the fall on Napalm Records. Working with his brother Iggor with producer John Gray on production, he describes the forthcoming release as the band’s… Continue Reading

Chrissie Hynde Says Her First Solo Album ‘Stockholm’ Isn’t A Solo Album

Rock goddess Chrissie Hynde, known globally for her pioneering work with The Pretenders, announced today that she will release her first solo next album titled Stockholm in June. “It’s the first album with my name on it,” said Hynde in… Continue Reading

GWAR Founder Dave Brockie A.K.A. Oderus Urungus Is Dead [Updated]

GWAR’s founder and lead singer Dave Brockie died, according to Style Weekly. Brockie, 50, was found dead in his home by his roommate. “I wish it was a joke,” said former band member Chris Bopst, a music writer for Style.… Continue Reading